Your child is not broken.

I’ve spent over 17 years working with children and young adults with Asperger’s/mild autism, their families and educators.  One of the children I’ve worked with is my own.  Believe me when I tell you that your child is not broken.  There are reasons why he or she does what they do.  You’re not a terrible parent or an incompetent teacher.  You’re someone who needs information and ideas on what to do next to help the child in your care become as competent, independent and happy as possible.

Join me as I explore ways we can help our children grow into functioning adults, and how to keep our sanity while we do it.  Check out my book and publications, and read my blog.  I don’t always update my blog as often as I should, but when I do post, it’s worthwhile stuff.  Go through my blog archives for useful information, like ideas on how to make your next IEP go more smoothly, why your child absolutely has to do his homework and how you can get him to do it, and how you can make your child’s next transition go more smoothly.

Don’t give up.  We may not have all the answers now, but there are still things that we can do today that will make tomorrow a little better.