Job Training Ideas For People With ASD

Building skills in our kids gives them more options, increases their abilities to problem solve, and raises their self-confidence. Also, the more we expose them to different work environments, the better they can decide for themselves what they’d like to do with their lives. Plus, some of them may not be able to keep a full-time job, but they might be able to run their own micro-business that may at least give them spending money and keep them occupied.

Check out SEEDS: It’s a job skills program for people with autism, where they buy thrift store clothing, refashion it and sell it.

Another idea: I’m starting to have my daughter (who has fibromyalgia – weakness, pain, fatigue) and my son (Aspie) partner to refinish/repaint/repurpose thrift store furniture.

I bet with some creative thinking, we could come up with all kinds of ideas for things we can teach our kids/young adults that would improve their abilities to support themselves and to live as independently as possible. We may not be able to “cure” their difficulties, but any step in the right direction would make their lives (and ours) easier.

– Cassie
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