Good speakers make information come alive.  There is no substitute for having someone describe to your group the difficulties students and young adults with mild autism and similar disorders face, define the struggles their parents and teachers go through trying to help them, and offer solutions that make everyone’s lives easier.  Those who attend my presentations will leave with concrete ideas on how to help the children in their care grow to become as independent, competent, and happy as possible.

Available presentations include:

  • We Said, They Said: Why parents and teachers battle, and what you can do to soothe the waters.
  • Parenting Children with Special Needs:  How do we teach our children the skills they need to become as independent, competent and happy as possible?  How do we keep from becoming raving lunatics while we do it?  I’ll give you practical methods for disciplining your child, dealing with homework, working with schools, and keeping your family healthy.
  • What is Asperger’s/Mild Autism?:  This is a basic introduction to Asperger’s and autism — a great overview of why people with autism do what they do, how they are affected by autism, and things we can do to help make their lives easier.

Email me for more information about my presentations or to arrange for me to speak to your group.